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Thoughts during these interesting times...

Because of the threat of illness, our store was requested to close the middle of March 2020.  We had already decided as a family to close a little earlier to just be cautious about our health and that of our customers.  We did and we've spent majority of these past few weeks resting "safe at home".  Starting up a new business has been such an amazing blessing, but at the same time, SO MUCH work.  It's the kind of work that you love, because it's a passion.  You're getting to pour yourself into something you've always dreamed about.  You get to be creative.  You get to set your own work schedule.  You get to be your own boss.  It's awesome.  You run on adrenaline and excitement  and Dr. Pepper the first few months.  Then, that excitement slightly dwindles and is replaced by praying to succeed while fearing failure and mixing in the feeling of "this can just keep growing and be even more fantastic than it is! We can move to a bigger, better location.  We can add even more products and bring others' gifts and talents in with us!"  Before you know it, you're just so involved, so consumed, other things in life seem to suffer a little.  Time to go on a family vacation like we do every year was just skipped over... We (Mom and Dad) worked all day and then came home and went straight to the shop, which also resulted in barely seeing the kids during daylight hours, no more time with family around the table for dinner, or time to watch tv together, or time to keep grandbabies and just play and have fun.  People have said they believe that God has used this Covid Crisis to remove idols out of our society like sports, movies, celebrities, etc.  I feel that way, too.  I feel like our store, as great of a blessing as it is, had become too much of a focus in our lives at the expense of really living.  So, as I stood in the dark building last week looking at everything that has come to fruition and thinking, "Man, I'm proud of our family and what we've done with God's guidance!"  I also thought, "I'm still tired.  I still need a break.  I'm grateful for a slow down."  And I am.  We sure couldn't do any of this without our faith in God and the way He works in our lives daily.  He has opened doors, put the perfect people smack in front of us and given us the support of family, friends and community who have just loved us and praised us and shared our business with others to helped us grow and get to the place we're at now.  We'd never be able to accomplish that alone. We love what we're doing and we're going to be back in that store before we know it with a fresh new perspective and fresh minds and fresh hands to continue to grow and build and continue the family dream.  But, for now, we're sure going to continue to enjoy the slow down while we can and thank God for it!

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